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Life is a great big canvas


I reblogged a post last night about sacred sexual energy last night and decided to google it… I fell deep down into the rabbit hole and was researching it for like 3 hours. Haha it’s so interesting and almost the complete opposite of what I was taught about sex growing up (being in a very strict Christian environment). I mean, I remember taking a chastity/abstinence pledge when I was like 11 years old. I barely even knew what sex actually was yet other than “bad” until marriage, of course. But that’s besides the point.
We are all sexual beings, that’s just our nature. Einstein taught us that we are all energy. And I believe that every living thing is sacred. So if we are all sacred, sexual and energetic beings and we live in a society where sex is literally everywhere but socially unacceptable causing billions of people to yearn for yet suppress our energy plus shame ourselves and others for something that is literally at the core of our very nature, don’t you think we humans would have just a few problems to work through?

“ You crave the deepest connections with others, but you don’t trust to let anyone in. ”

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the beauty of the universe, part I - fire rainbows

brief explanation of their formation here

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Storm over the Serengeti. Photos by Nick Nichols

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lake & mountain morning #2 -
i wrote a poem and drank warm tea in the brisk chilly air and everything was beautiful

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Sexual energy is Sacred, and it is not treated as such in our culture and this is a deep programing that doesn’t serve anyone or anything. It gets further exacerbated by new age deceptions. To allow it to lure a person in based on it triggering a lower chakra, rather than it being based on the heart or soul connection, is a form of energy vampirism and manipulation, which even if consensual, is destructive. It is encouraged in our society so it takes a lot for many to really see through it and how damaging it is for the collective and our own Awakening and soul evolution. It feeds dark occult technologies that are trying to use our vital spiritual essence against us, which connects to our kundalini and how we use this power. If we don’t allow it to flow and be guided by our higher self, it becomes thwarted and activates the lower reptilian energy that is all about conquest, domination, seduction, addiction and lower based pleasure. 

It is a free-will Universe, so do what you will, but pay attention, because this same force that we all have, has the power to transform the World and shouldn’t be blocked by the conditioning’s and social engineering of this system we live in, that doesn’t care about Mother Earth, or God/ess Sacred Union… When we connect to this raw power without interference, we become the divine embodiment of our true self. The dark forces of deception with all of its hooks that prey upon the lost, wants to step in to be the ultimate power, using all it can to break us down to the lesser self who thinks only in terms of instant gratification and Ego power. We are much better than that!”
~Laura Eisenhower

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Like a portal into another realm.

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For today’s reminders (from the moon, the stars & great conversations) that we are so small, yet so big & immensely lucky to live within our universe. Gratitude.

Photo: Marco Antonini



The stunning Nasir al-mulk Mosque hides a gorgeous secret between the walls of its fairly traditional exterior: stepping inside is like walking into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every day, the rays of the early morning sun shine through colorful stained-glass windows, transforming the halls into a dazzling wonderland of rich hues, patterns, and light that play on the floor of the mosque.

I can never get over that this is a real place.

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This is so moving


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